Certified Prostate Center according to Uro-Cert e.V.

In 2009, the Urological Practice Dr. Djamali-Leonhard and the Urological Clinic Munich Planegg were certified by URO-Cert e.V. after proof of the required quality standards and received the certificate of a prostate center.

In 2019, the successful recertification took place.

Such a certificate guarantees patients a high standard of quality in the diagnosis and therapy of prostate diseases.

As certified members of the umbrella organization of prostate centers in Germany, they are characterized by:

  • an interdisciplinary approach

  • Structured exchange of experience through case conferences and interdisciplinary tumor boards

  • Quality gain and high expertise through high case numbers

  • Networking of inpatient and outpatient care

  • Joint representation vis-à-vis payers

  • More orientation through guideline-based treatment